Performance Venue Resource Links

Working With Musicians

How You Can Get Along With A Performer : While The Music Emporium tries to fit the performer to the venue, here are some great tips for venue owners about working with tricky bands and musicians.

Personal Letter From A Venue : A great read for venues trying to book a gig for the first time, this open letter explains a small business experience with booking performers.

Going Rate Ideas : Not every performer (or venue) knows how much to charge. Here is a look at going rates and the reasoning behind those rates!

Making Your Venue Performer & Client Friendly

Friendly Performance Spaces : For tips on how to make your performance space a little more friendly and a lot more exciting, look no further than this link!

Getting Funky & Fresh : Sometimes, funky is good! Here are some ways to make your venue stick out.

Become The Best : Make bands want to come back and perform by trying out some of these methods.

Getting More People To Your Venue

Promoting Your Concert : Here are some fail-proof ways to promote your concerts!

Thinking About Low Attendance : If your attendance is low, it is important to consider whether or not some of these reasons might be the issue.

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