Party Bands and Solo Artists– Your Music Booking Agent

It might be harsh but it’s true that when putting together a show or music event, one bad or unprofessional artist can put a major damper on a venue’s credibility. Don’t get me wrong, giving new musicians a chance and room to show their talent is fantastic and I believe more venues should do it, however, knowing when to do such a thing is key. That is where I come in. My name is Dana Schauf and I am one of Maine’s top booking agents for small venues. While home base for me is out of Cape Elizabeth, this website allows me to find and book all over the country. Due to the experience I have had in the music scene, having been part of it since the 80’s, I’ve made it my personal goal to stay up to do date with growing party bands, DJs and solo artists. I want to help as many performers and the venues they play at, grow in both reputation and profit.

My Services

I ask that you give me at least one week prior to the event to book accordingly depending on the size and style of the show. Usually, it can take upwards of a month to find the best artists to perform, as well as, perfect any final details. I work as an independent contractor and enjoy the freedom to partner with many businesses at one time, however, if a strong relationship is built between a venue and myself, I will consider changing my preferred contract in order to work exclusively with one company for an agreed duration of time. Things change with each job but for the most part I like the venue or event leader to know and approve of every artist I find, as I do not want there to be any surprises. I pride myself on my ability to locate musicians perfect for the theme of any show and can almost guarantee you’ll like what you hear. Never waste your time and energy again, hire a booking agent you can rely on, an agent you can trust.


If you’d like to contact me or if you have any questions about the details of my services, please feel free to look through my¬†about page. There, you can read a bit more about who I am and and my experiences in the music scene. Looking forward to working with you!